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At what point does every woman in Australia ditch the LNP?

Whilst difference of opinion is something to be celebrated in a democratic country, there are also some attitudes that are completely outdated and repulsive.


Vigorous debate over the funding of services, standards of living and the fair distribution of wealth is a healthy component of a free and open society. Cheap and distracting narratives centred around migration, sexuality and border control are not, yet sadly, integral to the current agenda of the Coalition Government.


Despite much of conservative Australia still clinging desperately to a xenophobic and insular paradigm that sees displaced, LGBTI and foreign people painted as the ‘real’ threat to our nation, more and more intelligent and moderate citizens have begun to see the evil behind such propaganda.


In the fullness of time, these issues will fall on the side of the just and fair minded and the polls seem to suggest that a significant and electoral winning majority are finally seeing some truths that the LNP has attempted to conceal for so long.


Rather scarily, there will still be an enclave of ‘young liberals’ who will stand in tears on election night; lamenting the loss that Scott Morrison will almost certainly suffer (if he isn’t ousted immediately after Christmas that is). They are effectively beyond help; so lost in philosophies and theologies that bear little connection or relevance to the realities of the modern western world.


They will bang on about tax cuts for the top end of town, endorse absurd notions of trickle-down economics and pander to the fear of the foreigner, who they still believe is waiting right outside their door, hoping to break in and pinch the Apple watch given to them by their wealthy, middle-class parents.


The final results on election night will be kept somewhere within the realms of respectability for the LNP but they shouldn’t be. If every woman reflected deeply on the message emanating from the cronies on the right and looked within themselves via their own moral compass, not a woman in the land would cast a vote in the direction of either the Liberal or National Party.


Even putting aside the leering and creepy Tony Abbott; a man who mysteriously kept the support of thousands of conservative women despite his rather draconian views, the current Coalition crop of misogynists should instil the fear of their much referenced God into every female in Australia.



Malcolm Turnbull, in addition to his support of many social changes that the conservatives found so distasteful, was a bridge too far for the hard lined and delusional right. However, his knifing provided a wonderful acceleration of discovery for the nation, as the LNP bully boys went to town on the female members of their own party.


It was an attempt to ensure Turnbull fell and a dinosaur rose, whoever it might be and astonishingly, Peter Dutton may well have been an even worse proposition than the Trump-like clone Australia now endures as leader.


It took some time before the true nature of the coup d’etat came to light, but when it did, the fallout was telling.


Just as Green Senator Sarah Hanson-Young took defamatory and abusive insults from a collective of rather infantile, overweight suits on the right, female members of the LNP were hustled and bustled into offices and pressured to toe the line.


Around the same time, Mathias Cormann, Michaelia Cash and Mitch Fifield fronted the media and falsified the level of support for the incumbent Prime Minister; gripping the nation in the belief that the LNP were united in their support for Dutton as the man to lead the party to the next election.


What an utter fraud that was, with the questionable Christian conservative Morrison winning the top job at the eleventh hour.


Kelly O’Dwyer, Lucy Gichuhi and Julia Banks all spoke publicly, expressing grave concerns over the entire process; who knows how many others felt too pressured or bound by agreements to utter a word. Banks’ stunning move to the cross bench was a brave and bold decision that would have further incensed those who use bullying and intimidation as a motivational tool.



It is a shame others didn’t display the same courage as the member for Chisholm.


The murmurings have continued in recent times, with the disproportionate representation of women in the LNP astonishingly attributed to thoughtless Labor and Green candidates with the temerity to run against them.


The past week has seen another flash point with vile, sexist and discriminatory langauge emanating from LNP ranks; topped off by another Barnaby-like infidelity scandal just to put the cherry on top.


It is still mind-numbingly difficult to comprehend how any woman in her right mind could possibly tick a box adjacent to the Liberal or National Party acronyms on their voting forms in May.


Perhaps the mere fact that they are allowed to vote at all and have been permitted to leave the safety of the house and its associated domestic duties, is the ultimate philosophical inconvenience for the right wingers.


As a father of two intelligent and free thinking young girls and husband to a feisty woman that grapples for the respect she deserves each and every day in the professional world, I want more for women in this country.


Whether the Coalition espouses misogyny intentionally, accidentally or fraudulently is actually irrelevant. What matters most is the ability of all women to see through the rhetoric and realise that the second class status placed on them by Scott Morrison and his ilk is really just blatant 19th Century sexism.



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