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An exciting announcement; Bulldogs match reports each Monday and your chance to comment

Firstly, I would like to give thanks to all of you for reading, liking and sharing the articles I have written over the years about our great Club. Your loyalty and support has been astonishing and humbling at times.


Recently, this has been even more important as the Bulldogs brand has wrestled with identity, prior to the voting members making a clear statement in the February elections.


2018 sees the Club steering a fresh direction, with a new CEO, Coach, Captain and Board.  It is time for the Bulldogs to return to the passionate, professional and family orientated Club that many of us remember.


With Lynne Anderson at the helm and the presence of ex-players Steve Mortimer, Steve Price, Chris Anderson and Paul Dunn in support, the spirit of the Bulldogs has returned. We should also never underestimate the influence of John Ballesty and John Khoury, who bring considerable business and corporate experience to the Club, along with blue and white blood.


With huge international signings in the form of Aaron Woods and Keiran Foran and a squad barking with enthusiasm to rip into the season, the future looks bright.


In an exciting initiative, I will be publishing a full wrap of every Canterbury match each Monday, with information and insight from the inner sanctum, bringing you closer than ever to the action.


The content will be shared via social media and published on this website. I encourage you all to share it as far and wide as you see fit, as the story of the Bulldogs in 2018 could be one of redemption and an important one in the Club’s history.


Despite some comment to the contrary, my work has never been influenced or financially rewarded by the new board. Accusations of that kind were hurtful, as were the harassing phone calls. My agenda has always been to see this great Club get back on it’s feet and show the character and grit it has displayed for much of my life.


I hope to bring you accurate, balanced and insightful reviews each Monday and look forward to your comments as we watch our Club rise from the ashes in 2018.




  • Arty Asciak

    09.03.2018 at 12:11 Reply

    Look forward to your Reports & Feedback from Supporters

    • Stuart Thomas

      10.03.2018 at 01:01 Reply

      Thanks Arty. Let’s home we get things off to a great start with a win tonight.

  • Helen

    09.03.2018 at 12:42 Reply

    Exciting news and I look forward to the post match reports.

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